The international drawing exhibition ‘ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2022’ will take place at the gallery at the Körnerpark in Berlin, from 17 June – 24 August. From more than 3,000 submissions, 600 artists were selected. This exhibition is conceptual art and exhibition project all in one: Each and every artist becomes part of a collective work of art where hierarchies are enitrely absent. ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS raises the question: ‘What value do you attribute to a work of art, if you do not know the name or background of its creator?’ And how do you develop your own definition of value if there is a unit price?  All drawings – up to maximum size A3 – will be sold for €250. The identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is sold: Sold drawings will be taken right off the wall and the empty space left behind will be marked with the artist‘s full name and place of origin. The given unit sales price should not be seen as a real market price, but as a conceptual place holder for any conceivable amount of money in the art market

I had applied at the last minute with a drawing and was selected. Besides painting, making collages and occasionally gum prints, I have been more and more into drawing these last years!/drawings So an exhibition just about drawing was a great opportunity to participate in. With its international approach, the many different styles and ideas with the common denominator being working on paper and the love of drawing, ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS is a great art initiative.