Working on paper, I use different techniques, such as collage, drawing and gum printing. This variety gives me the opportunity to approach an idea from different angles. To make a collage is sometimes the best way to express what I want. By cutting and glueing I can bring together what not necessarily belongs together. Other times I want to work on a gum print. This slow and slightly difficult technique I learned a couple of years ago. I use the prints as background for a drawing or collage, or a combination of the two. Why working on a gum print? It is the atmosphere I’m attracted to. The prints have an old, worn out aura which I like. Especially the unpredictability of this technique fascinates me. Lately I am more focused on drawing. I always used drawing as a tool to sketch an idea. Now, I allow myself to start with a blank sheet of paper and just follow my imagination and the process it brings about.

Gum print

For the gum prints I use photos from old German magazines as well material from my own photo collection. After finishing the prints, I decide how to proceed, with a drawing in gouache or oil colour or by making a collage.


One of my favorite technique is collage. The fact that I can cut and glue together whatever comes to my mind, gives me a feeling of great freedom and playfulness. Sometimes I use text fragments to stir the collage in a direction I find interesting. Then again the images I bring together are sufficient to create something new and disturbing.

Ode an Herta

This series of collages is titled ‘Ode an Herta’ and is inspired by the work of German author Herta Müller. I am a fan not only of her books, but maybe even more of the playful collages she makes. The fact that she couldn’t find postcards she liked while travelling, led to the idea to make her own postcards. On this small format she succeeds in making highly attractive, poetic word puzzles that are a work of a art at the same time.